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Delbarton School

We are very proud and happy to let everyone know that we have , since June , been working on and completed major restoration work in the ” Old Main” at Delbarton School in Mendham , NJ.  Our work consisted of restoration of all woodwork in the Main Lobby, Music Room , Stairway to the 2nd floor and the former Staff Dining area.  We not only refinished all wood paneled walls and ceilings but we also replaced numerous missing components such as carvings , turnings and tons of moldings.  We will be posting photos of the entire project shortly and we hope that everyone takes a moment to view this effort and appreciate this magnificent and historic landmark. Eric and Pete Schichtel

Bethlehem Church – Ridgewood NJ

These beautiful church doors were completely restored by us in Oct. Approximately 70 year old doors were made of solid oak not been finished in decades. Truly a great group of people and were a pleasure to work for.

Church doors

These are a pair of church doors we recently had done in the Morristown area. Due to the fact that some of these church buildings are of a historic nature, we have to stick to a specific criteria specified on the state level by historic commissions. Pete

Deco ” Revival”

Classic example of how great these Art/Deco pieces can look after proper restoration. Lane Chest

In with the old and out with new

We know that is backwards, but that is our business.  Bring in your old dusty furniture and we will return it like new.  Well not exactly.  We will return in it after we restore your piece to it’s original luster with some the history that give’s our antique restoration the quality and look you want.

Smart recycling of curb found drawers.

These drawers were picked -up curbside by a very smart and enterprising woman who had brought them to our shop to have cabinets made to house them. It was a gift to a very lucky husband to store his extensive mineral collection.

Before and After

A very telling picture displaying how dramatic a proper restoration can be.

1950’s classic speaker cabinets

Classic 1950’s speaker cabinets restored for the director of Radio City’s Music Hall’s audio department. The man must know good sound.

C. 1850 Harps corp converted into a table

C.1850 Harps cord altered into a mid-sized table. this project involved replacement of many carved parts and veneers.

Before and after picture of a Empire chest displaying the dramatic contrast of Crotch Mahogany.

This Empire chest and side chairs display the dramatic contrast after a piece has been professionally and correctly restored. The Crotch Mahogany that was chosen for the drawer fronts now has the depth and clarity in which the maker intended. Careful restoration work should allow a piece to look it’s age but be in great condition as opposed to looking redone and new.