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In with the old and out with new

We know that is backwards, but that is our business.  Bring in your old dusty furniture and we will return it like new.  Well not exactly.  We will return in it after we restore your piece to it’s original luster with some the history that give’s our antique restoration the quality and look you want.

Deco beureau

Deco beureau

Smart recycling of curb found drawers.

These drawers were picked -up curbside by a very smart and enterprising woman who had brought them to our shop to have cabinets made to house them. It was a gift to a very lucky husband to store his extensive mineral collection.IMG_0722

Before and After

A very telling picture displaying how dramatic a proper restoration can be.IMG_0189

On site library finishing

Our crew does specialty on site commercial and residential finishing.


Wall unit in progress


1950’s classic speaker cabinets

Classic 1950’s speaker cabinets restored for the director of Radio City’s Music Hall’s audio department. The man must know good sound.

stage speakers 1950's pic